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hair goals forever X

want all of them

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rodrigo prieto ft. elle fanning.

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Suzana Massena, Suzane Massena & Samira Carvalho - Bloginvoga Exclusive

photos  Talles Bourges

stylist Agner Bianco

makeup Thiago Mandú

this is everything

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Alex wears the Medium Emergency Bag!

lol. she is my favorite ever

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From Here To There: A growing map of Manhattan made only of directions from strangers on scraps. 

TT___TT this is so great

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"The question of economy should be, not how much do we annually
produce, but how much of our annual production is saved to the soil.
Labor employed in robbing the earth of its capital stock of fertilizing
matter, is worse than labor thrown away. In the latter case it is a loss
to the present generation; in the former it becomes an inheritance of
poverty for our successors. Man is but a tenant of the soil, and he is
guilty of a crime when he reduces its value for other tenants who are
to come after him."

— A young George Waring to the New York Geographical Society on the unsustainability of American industry and agriculture, 1855


Team Gallery will present new work by New York-based artist, Ryan McGinley in a solo exhibition entitled YEARBOOK opening on September 7, 2014. YEARBOOK is a single artwork that consists of over five hundred studio portraits of some two hundred models, always in the nude, printed on vinyl and adhered to every available inch of the gallery’s walls and ceilings. The installation’s effect is hugely impressive in its standalone visual power, an enveloping entity flooding the entire space with bold color and form. Although the sheer abundance of available images renders a total “reading” impossible, there is never any sense of incompleteness, as each individual image functions autonomously, granting the viewer access to a delicate, once-private moment.

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Girl, an ongoing series 
by Lora Mathis

My photo series “Girl” has been accepted as part of this year’s Bay Area Ladyfest! Come hang with me in Oakland & buy some prints 

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The Daily Diary of a Sketchbook Artist

To see more photos of Anna’s notebook sketches, follow @sally_mao on Instagram.

“The absolute truth appears in your drawing when you have no chance to change it,” says Moscow-based Instagrammer Anna Rastorgueva (@sally_mao), who creates an exquisite daily diary using only felt-tip markers. She takes inspiration from the detailed illustrations of botany and zoology books, a lifelong love of hers. “When I read ‘Brehm’s Life of Animals,’ I dreamed of meeting all the heroes from the pages of his book,” she explains. Anna draws anywhere, whether standing among thousands of people at a concert or even at a nude beach. For her, drawing is her personal space. “When I draw, I can dive deep into the moment and emotions. As Salvador Dalí said, ‘Drawing is the honesty of the art. There is no possibility of cheating. It is either good or bad.’”